IOA’s Dr. Patrick Arbore Discusses Aging and Sexuality in Engage Magazine’s Spring 2016 Issue

arbore-author-pic Intimacy in the aging population has long been seen as a taboo subject, but in an interview for LeadingAge California’s Engage magazine, Dr. Patrick Arbore discusses its importance.

“Connections are what bind us to life. We need to break through these barriers that insist that intimacy and sexuality is only the terrain of younger people.”

In the interview, Dr. Arbore mentions issues such as senior living communities’ policies on intimacy, the concern of STDs among older adults, and how the loss of intimacy after the death of a loved one affects older adults. His call is for a greater openness and understanding surrounding intimacy at all ages. “I often hear,” Arbor states, “‘I’m waiting for my primary care physician to have a discussion with me.’ And I say they’re just not going to bring it up. You must talk about it.”

Click here to read LeadingAge California’s article!


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