Seniors Thriving at Home in San Francisco, CA: Tips for Exploring Community Resources

seniors at home in san francisco ca Always the hostess, Carissa has been very involved in her San Francisco neighborhood for more than four decades. Her door has always been open to friends and neighbors and over the years her home has been the site of countless parties, community meetings, and social gatherings. So when she started to experience limitations throughout the day—such as carrying the groceries up the stairs and into her apartment and managing the necessary repairs around her home—she knew she was going to need a bit of help to be able to keep up with her busy social life. With the support of local community resources that help her overcome her limitations, she can keep enjoying the lifestyle she has come to love.

Carissa now has a grocery delivery service lined up, bringing fresh local produce right to her door. She has also hired a handyman who comes at least once a month to inspect her apartment for any needed repairs and to connect her with other resources if necessary. With these responsibilities taken care of, she can turn her attention to what she loves most: hosting book clubs, parties, and dinners in her home.

Just like Carissa, so many of San Francisco’s older adults would prefer to live in their own homes for as long as possible rather than go into assisted living situations. But that doesn’t mean they must live without assistance! And it doesn’t mean they need to spend their time alone and isolated. Together, let’s explore some of the invaluable resources that help seniors thrive at home in San Francisco.

Resources to Support Seniors at Home in San Francisco, CA

Aging in place can have great benefits for aging adults, including staying connected to the communities we’ve known for years. However, as we grow older, our needs change and we can’t always do everything we could when we were younger. Transportation and mobility can be challenging for seniors in the city, limiting access to common daily necessities. Energy levels and other personal challenges can further limit opportunities for community engagement and self-sufficiency. Luckily, in San Francisco, there is a wide range of resources available to help ensure seniors can enjoy the care, services, and socialization they need while living in the home they choose:

Getting connected with some of these resources designed for aging adults could help you redirect some of your valuable energy in the direction of self-care, interpersonal connection, and hobbies and activities that make you feel bright and alive.

Finding a Wealth of Services and Resources for Seniors in One Place

In addition to the resources listed above, San Francisco is also home to organizations that offer a wide range of tools and services to support your independent lifestyle. At Institute on Aging, you can get set up with a care manager, who can help identify the services that will best fit your lifestyle and the improvements you wish you see in your life, from health to home updates to social and personal enrichment. If you need behavioral health services, in-home care and assistance, a day program that allows you to get out of the house and socialize, meal delivery, transportation, or advice and advocacy, Institute on Aging has what you need in one place. Is today the day to expand your support community and your horizons?

Reach out to us at 415-750-4111 for more information about our diverse programs, services, and resources. If you’re an older adult, their family member, or their caregiver, Institute on Aging has options designed for you.


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