Burlingame Hills Senior Home Care

Things change – including your loved one’s care

Change is never easy, especially when it means admitting you need help. This is especially true when it comes to seniors who are having trouble managing alone at home. For years, they may have prided themselves on their independence and self-reliance. However, aging takes its toll on all of us, and with the aging process comes an inevitable decline in functioning. It may be more difficult than ever before for your loved one to perform simple tasks, including cooking, cleaning, driving, and more. When things begin to change in this way, there’s no getting around it – you and your senior must change with them. It may mean getting assistive devices around the home, such as slip mats and grab bars. It may mean scaling down expectations of what the senior is able to accomplish in a day. And sometimes, it means accepting the fact that your loved one simply needs more help around the home. Fortunately, the Institute on Aging has years of experience helping people with these exact changes. We are here to support you and your loved one through this transition, and to make things easier and more rewarding for both of you.

We make change easier with Burlingame Hills senior home care

Often, disagreements arise about exactly what type of change is needed in home care situations. Maybe you think your senior needs 24-hour supervision, while the senior believes just a few hours a week with a home health aide will suffice. Or perhaps your loved one is in denial, and doesn’t believe that he or she needs help at all. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s not necessary to reach complete agreement at this stage of the game. When you’re just beginning to consider home care, it’s often good to have a neutral third party sit down and talk to you about options. At IOA, our care managers are happy to do an assessment and make recommendations. As long as your senior has decision-making capacity, it’s up to them what services they wish to receive. At times, simply voicing their concerns to a knowledgeable expert can help ease a senior’s fears. At that point, they may be more receptive to the idea of home care. And we can definitely say that once clients experience what the IOA has to offer, the rewards are easy to see and appreciate! We support you with Burlingame Hills home care We support seniors in the Burlingame Hills zip code of 94010 with the following services: senior home care services

Are you ready to make the change with Burlingame Hills senior home care?

The Institute on Aging knows that change is difficult at any age, so we sympathize with what you and your loved one are going through. If you feel ready to begin discussing the many positive changes home care can bring, please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411.