Burlingame Senior Home Care

Providing safe, caring alternatives

The concerns of the aging are the same in many different places. “How will I stay independent as I grow older?” “Who will take care of me if I’m no longer able to do so?” “Will I be able to stay in my own home as long as I want?” The elderly’s grown children, other relatives, and close friends often have similar concerns. Perhaps you are presently in this position, and want to provide the best possible care for your loved one. However, it can be extremely challenging to offer such care if you live far away. The same holds true if you’re constantly being called away from work, family, and other important things to tend to your loved one’s needs – big or small. You need options and alternatives to make sure your senior received the help they need without overwhelming you – or them. You need the Institute on Aging.

We meet home care needs — big or small

The IOA is here to meet your loved one’s home care needs, whether they’re big or small. If your senior is having trouble keeping track of medications and doctors’ appointments, for instance, medication monitoring a few days a week may be in order. Or perhaps they’re at risk for wandering off because of a diagnosis of advanced Alzheimer’s. In that case, having a home health aide stay with them for part (or all of the day) may be advisable. Whatever services we provide, we always try to keep the senior as independent as possible, only doing things for them completely when it is in their best interest. What many seniors and their families find so attractive about the IOA is our ability to offer a variety of assistance in the senior’s very own home. Since most seniors prefer to stay in a familiar environment instead of receiving institutionalized care, service delivery goes a lot smoother, and patient satisfaction is typically high. The nagging concerns you and your loved one may have been dealing with can easily become a thing of the past. The decision is up to your senior, giving them a sense of control and direction that advanced age may have taken.

Taking senior home care in Burlingame personally

To IOA, home care isn’t simply a job; we pride ourselves on personalized involvement with every client. If your loved one lives in the Burlingame zip code of 94010, we’d like the opportunity to provide any of the following: senior home care services

Learn more about Burlingame senior home care today

The Institute on Aging knows there’s a lot more to learn about Burlingame senior home care than can be explained here. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.