Mental Health Awareness Roundup: San Francisco officials push for universal mental healthcare

San Francisco residents in need can turn to Healthy SF for affordable healthcare coverage, and if two city supervisors have their way, residents will have guaranteed mental health coverage, as well.


Mental Health Awareness Month: Signs to look for and a few selfcare tips

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, and it’s important to remember that anyone can suffer from mental health issues, big and small.


Fall risk is higher for those with cognitive impairment

It’s no secret that as we age, we become increasingly at risk of falling, and fall-related injuries are more dangerousfor older adults. What researchers recently learned, however, is potentially significant: a definitive link between cognitive slowing and fall risk, and an opportunity to provide better care for those living with dementia.


Natural light can make a world of difference for dementia patients

It’s no secret that natural light can transform a space, or that it has a tangible effect on the people who live and work there.


Dinner à la Heart brings families and friends together

Now in its 36th year, Dinner à la Heart represents a perfect marriage between two of San Francisco’s favorite things: incredible food and giving to a good cause.

Activities & Wellness

Cable Car Caroling Brings the Holiday Spirit to One and All

Carolers young and old will gather Saturday, December 1st for one of Institute on Aging’s most beloved events, the 34th Annual Cable Car Caroling.


The Growing Need For Senior Home Health Care Jobs

2030 seems like the distant future, but it is only 12 years from the writing of this article—just as close in time as 2006.


Financial Assistance for Your Elderly Parents in California

Many people look forward to retirement for years. But when the time comes, they trade their old sources of stress for new ones.


7 Estate Planning Tips for Older Adults in San Francisco

There’s a well-known phrase, attributed to Ben Franklin (but in reality a little older), which is that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. It’s not a fun phrase, but there’s a certain shoulder-shrugging wryness to it because there are some things in life one has to accept.

Activities & Wellness

How Can I Find a Senior Citizen Center Near Me in the SF Bay Area?

Camilla and Susan were best friends for more than 40 years, ever since their kids were in school together. Both widowed in the last decade, they grew even closer to each other. Camilla even moved into Susan’s apartment building in the Mission Terrace area of San Francisco so they could spend every day together.


Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly


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