Cupertino Senior Home Care

Providing care for challenging conditions

There are many physical and mental conditions that make aging difficult. As we grow older, we may experience overall weakness, heart disease, cataracts, and even depression, just to name a few common ailments. But perhaps none of these disorders is as challenging as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, where mental capacities are lost. These heartbreaking illnesses rob seniors of their memories, make strangers out of loved ones, and can cause individuals to lose their sense of purpose. As time goes on, the victim may fail to recognize the most familiar faces, or forget how to perform the most basic tasks. If your senior loved one lives in Cupertino and is suffering from Alzheimer’s or another condition where dementia is a prevalent symptom, you know how hard it can be to get services for them. With important things like doctor’s offices, grocery stores, and pharmacies so spread out, they can easily forget appointments, or get lost going from one place to another. This is when you need a specialized agency to step in. You need the Institute on Aging, or IOA.

Skilled and knowledgeable care right at home

Although working with the elderly requires experienced and compassionate professionals, providing dementia and Alzheimer’s care takes even more than that. It calls for a particular base of knowledge and skill set to help your senior cope with these demanding diseases. IOA’s visiting nurses and home health aides have the training and aptitude to know what your senior is capable of handling, how to best help them, and what signs indicate their dementia may be worsening. We’ll make sure your loved one gets what they need, whether that means performing basic personal care, escorting them to the doctor’s, managing their medications, or preparing nutritious meals when they are no longer able to do it themselves. We work with your senior’s physician to preserve their memories as long as possible, whether that be through medication, mental exercises, or other recommended methods. IOA provides services to all types of seniors — not just those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, if your loved one ever does fall victim to these sometimes hidden, insidious illnesses, our home care agency is prepared to rise to the occasion.

Need additional senior home care in Cupertino?

Do you live within the zip code 95014? If so, the IOA can provide the following Cupertino senior home care services: senior home care services

We’re here if you want to talk about Cupertino senior home care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can be difficult to talk about, but it’s important your loved ones have the right Cupertino senior home care for their condition. The Institute on Aging’s client service specialists can provide sound, understanding advice about the support your loved one may require – both now and in the future. Contact us at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411, and see what we have available for this special group of seniors.