Emerald Lake Hills Senior Home Care

Because you can’t do everything by yourself

It’s entirely possible to fit the description of “caregiver” and not even know it. For instance, are you the close family member, friend, or neighbor of a senior? Do you help look after this person’s basic needs? If so, it’s very likely that you meet the definition of “caregiver.” You’re probably responsible for a variety of tasks, from giving medication to managing the senior’s checkbook. Your senior may be chronically or acutely ill, or vacillate between the two. Regardless, taking care of them is often the equivalent of a full-time job – which you may have already, in addition to your own responsibilities at home. It’s easy to see that it just may not be possible to keep doing everything by yourself. Eventually, the stress, responsibility, and sheer effort of these enormous tasks will catch up to you – if they haven’t already. You risk damaging your own health and well-being, to say nothing of the senior in your care. There is a better way. By accepting help from a quality organization such as the Institute on Aging, you can get your loved one the care they need, as well as the peace of mind you need.

Let us help you with Emerald Lake Hills senior home care

In addition to taking some (or all) of the challenges of home care off your shoulders, hiring outside help can serve another purpose: it brings a level of professional expertise into the home that your loved one may need. Although you may work round-the-clock to provide care, you may not realize when your loved one requires certain services. Our trained and licensed staff knows when to address certain situations, such as whether your senior could benefit from additional nursing or physical therapy visits. They also know the warning signs of dementia, and what functional decline may mean for the senior’s care. This way, the IOA helps you plan for your loved one’s needs both in the immediate future, and in the long-term.

Emerald Lake Hills home care: the help you deserve is here

There’s no need to keep trying to do the impossible. With Emerald Lake Hills home care, the help you deserve is here. If your senior lives in the zip code of 94062, talk to us about the following: senior home care services

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We know it can be hard to delegate responsibility, especially when placing someone in a position of trust. You want to make sure your loved one receives the kind of care you’d give them yourself – only on a professional level. The IOA is happy to report that the majority of our clients not only come to trust and rely on our visiting staff, but see them as a kind of second family as well. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411.