Dinner à la Heart: A Bay Area Fundraising Event Helping Aging Adults

dinner a la heartSo many restaurants, so little time. That is how many San Francisco foodies feel about the city’s top-notch culinary scene. So it makes total sense that people jump at the chance to try a new restaurant or even pay a visit to an old favorite—especially when the proceeds from their meal go towards a good cause like the Institute on Aging. After all, what are Bay Area folks known for if not their generous hearts and appreciation of great cuisine?

This is exactly why Institute on Aging’s Dinner à la Heart fundraising event has gained much popularity over the past 34 years. It turns out that combining the city’s great love of food with the desire to do good and help those in need is a recipe for successfully raising funds to help aging adults and adults with disabilities live healthily and independently in the community.

The Tastiest Fundraising Event in Town

This year’s event, which will take place on Tuesday, February 6, is expected to be even bigger and better than last year’s Dinner à la Heart, which raised over $150,000 and fed over 550 diners. With over 50 participating restaurants, including exciting newcomers like Chez Marius, Puerto 27, Farallon, and Monsieur Benjamin, diners have a deliciously diverse pick of some of the hottest spots in town.

Each participating restaurant creates a unique, three course prix fixe menu especially for the event and reserves a set number of tables for Dinner à la Heart guests. Guests can then select the restaurant of their choice and purchase tickets to reserve seats through Institute on Aging. Then, all there’s left to do is enjoy a night out.

For those who prefer to lunch, some restaurants will serving at noon for Lunch à la Heart, including La Central, Marin Joe’s, Puerto 27, Sessions and Sixto’s Cantina. Plus, this year marks the first Cocktails à la Heart event featuring some of the cities most notable bars, which will take place in late February.

While Dinner à la Heart brings restaurants and guests together in their generosity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of aging adults and adults with disabilities, the event also depends on the many dedicated volunteers who help organize and run the event every year. Roean Iscoff, who has been volunteering for Dinner à la Heart for 26 years, is being honored this year for the countless hours of hands-on work she has contributed by making calls, opening mail and taking and confirming reservations, helping to make this event a huge success year after year.

The Importance of Supporting Our Community of Aging Adults

It almost seems too good to be true that one can dine out, enjoy a delicious meal and at the same time support seniors in need, but that’s what makes Dinner à la Heart such a unique event. Breaking bread with friends at a trendy restaurant is a fun, low-pressure way to give to an important cause while enjoying oneself. It’s also a great way to introduce friends and loved ones to an organization that is doing so much for seniors in need in our community.

Proceeds from the event go directly toward programs helping aging adults and adults with disabilities across San Francisco, Marin, the East Bay, and the Peninsula. One of the programs funded in part by Dinner à la Heart is Institute on Aging’s Social Day Program, which gives aging adults a chance to remain social and active in the community. Through the program, adults whose families are unable to provide care to them during the day are transported to and from an Institute on Aging Center, where they spend the day participating in group exercise, indulging their creative sides in art classes, and nourishing their bodies with healthy, freshly prepared meals. It’s much-needed programs like these that truly make a difference in the lives aging adults and their families.

Give to Yourself While You Give to Others

It always feels so good to leave a restaurant with a full belly, but it feels even better to leave with a full heart. There’s a well-known saying by Rhonda Byrne that goes like this: “Unless you fill yourself up first, you have nothing to give to anybody.” What Ms. Byrne didn’t know is that you can do both at the same time. Dinner à la Heart makes it possible for you to fill your belly and your heart while helping to improve the lives of aging adults in our community.

After all, there’s nothing better than good food for a great cause.

Institute on Aging provides essential services to make living healthily and independently possible for aging adults and adults with disabilities. Purchase tickets for Dinner a la Heart or support our efforts in any way you can. To learn more about our services or for more information on our upcoming events, contact us today.


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