Fair Oaks Senior Home Care

Helping your loved one remain at home

The concept of “home” is one that is vital to our identity and culture. However, challenges can arise when some of us, such as the elderly, are unable to remain in our homes safely. Typically, this is due to the inevitable decline in function that accompanies aging. At times, making modifications to the home can help (installing ramps, grab bars, non-slip mats, etc.). Devices such as walkers, hearing aids, and magnifying glasses for reading can also make things easier. But there may come a point when your elderly loved one simply can’t get along on their own anymore, no matter how hard they try. One way to address this issue is by having the elder move to a specialized environment, such as an assisted living facility or nursing home. But these solutions often bring their own problems, since many seniors would prefer to stay in their homes. If this sounds like the situation of a senior who you know – or are presently taking care of – the Institute on Aging can help. We’ve made it possible for seniors to remain in their preferred environments for decades, and we’d like to do the same for yours.

Bringing Fair Oaks senior home care to you

Visiting home care is an ideal way to let your senior loved one retain the independence and community they’ve come to know and love. The profound changes that come with moving to a higher level of care may not be necessary with 24-hour or overnight assistance at home. Your senior can also choose to have only a few hours a week with a certified aide to assist with cooking, cleaning, and even personal care. Even transportation is no longer an issue, since IOA can offer staff to drive your loved one to medical appointments and accompany them on errands. By bringing home care to the senior, IOA helps them maintain maximum functionality for as long as possible. It is our privilege to see that the elderly spend their golden years the way they want to, with the dignity they deserve.

Staying at home – safely

There’s no need for seniors to give up a lifetime of memories in a familiar place, or move far away from those they love. Fair Oaks senior home care options may help your loved one stay in their preferred environment – safely. IOA is proud to offer the following services in the zip code of 95628: senior home care services

Start making plans with us today

Start making plans with us today to receive Fair Oaks senior home care. The Institute on Aging can organize and monitor your loved one’s care, provide direct service, or both (depending on their needs and preferences). We offer assistance intermittently or regularly, and are happy to discuss which would best suit your elder. Contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411 to learn more.