The Best Senior Discounts in the San Francisco Bay Area

senior discounts san francisco Jules and Mary would never have tried some of the museums and restaurants and other outings they’ve enjoyed so much if not for the incentive of senior discounts. They now have a larger local group of friends who keep an eye out for special offers for seniors, and then they all get together to take advantage of the opportunities. Sometimes, they get dressed up for a fancy dinner. Other times, they put on their most comfortable walking shoes to explore the San Francisco sights.

“Getting carded” means something different across the generations. If you’re over 60 in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can open the door to senior discounts for adventure, enrichment, and good eating. You may also find that senior discounts can lighten your load of daily costs and necessities—especially if you’re on a fixed income and need creative ways to budget. Read on to discover some of the great financial advantages of being in your later decades of life in the one-of-a-kind Bay Area.

Top Discounts for Seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Senior Clipper Card can be used for local transit options, including Caltrain, BART, Muni, SamTrans, VTA, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit, Golden Gate Ferry, and ferry services in the San Francisco Bay and in Oakland and Alameda. It’s a convenient way to get a guaranteed discount when you travel because the special price registers automatically when you use your card. You can find instructions and download an application online, or you can visit a Clipper customer service center near you in the Bay Area. Find out how to autoload your card, so you’re always ready to save in transit.

Grocery discounts are especially helpful opportunities because they cover a never-ending need for fresh, wholesome nutrition to fuel your active lifestyle. Mark your calendar for a shopping day on the first Wednesday of every month—that’s a common denominator for some special grocery offers from stores in the Bay Area, including Kroger, Albertson’s, and Fry’s Supermarket. With these senior discounts, you could receive 10% off of your entire shopping cart. We suggest that you visit customer service or find a representative to talk to at your local markets where you regularly shop and ask if they offer any discounts for adults over a certain age in addition to the rewards programs that are becoming more popular in grocery stores. It can’t hurt to ask, and you might find that you could be saving regularly at the places you already frequent.

Discounted fun is always a welcome offer because then you can have more of it without feeling the strain on your budget. AMC movie theaters offer as much as 30% off of tickets for older adults on a regular basis and even more at certain times throughout the month. Tickets for seniors at the California Academy of Sciences and the Exploratorium are $5 off the regular ticket price for adults. Tickets at the Aquarium of the Bay are $5 off for seniors, and if you’re local to the San Francisco Bay Area, tickets are a full $9 off! These savings are great, too, because these attractions are great things to do with the family and the grandkids.

AARP membership comes with a diverse range of benefits, including Bay Area discounts, advocacy resources, and other local services. You have to be only 50 or older to sign up, and the annual membership fee is just $16. You could save on your cell phone service, hotel costs when you travel, entertainment, and restaurants. Join to unlock all of the available AARP discounts for special and everyday occasions.

How to Take Advantage of Bay Area Discounts for Older Adults

The best way to start taking advantage of all the local discounts available to you is to start asking around. Make it a habit when you go out to eat or to enjoy a local event to ask if they offer discounts for adults over a certain age. Start talking to knowledgeable staff at the grocery stores and other retail spots you regularly visit to learn whether they offer senior discounts on a regular basis or on certain days throughout the month. Start keeping a record of all the places where you can save, how much those savings are, and if there are any special days or restrictions.

Oftentimes, you need only to show your ID to get a discount based on your age. If those discounts require that you carry around any unique rewards cards, keep all of them together in a wallet or small file that you can bring with you. Mark your calendar for special shopping days or activities with savings opportunities. With all of your research and smart spending, chances are good you’ll get involved in more things, have more fun, and feel less stressed about your budget.

Cost savings are just one example of the exciting benefits that come with age. At Institute on Aging, we offer even more services and resources in the San Francisco Bay Area to help aging adults lead an active, thriving lifestyle. We also offer financial services to help you manage your budget. Get in touch with us today.


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