Foster City Senior Home Care

Starting a conversation with an elderly loved one about home care is never easy. But taking on difficult tasks like this isn’t something you do because it’s a small, simple matter. You do it because you care deeply about the senior in question and you want them to live a safe, happy life in their own home. However, that can be difficult if old age has diminished their capabilities over the years. That’s when you may need to begin discussing the possibility of bringing in professional help. When you do speak to your senior about the matter, it may be helpful to have an outside expert by your side. There are a few good reasons for this. One, you already know this is a tough talk to have, and you may need moral and emotional support (the same goes for your senior, as well). Two, an expert can gently bring up solutions that you or your senior may not have thought of. For instance, if your loved one is having trouble bathing themselves, an expert may recommend a few visits by an occupational therapist, or a home health aide several hours a week. Many options exist when it comes to Foster City senior home care. As one of the premier home care agencies in California, an expert at the Institute on Aging (IOA) is happy to go over all of them with you.

An agency that puts caring first

If your loved one is having trouble admitting they need help, we sympathize. This is a scenario we’ve seen time again. It often starts when the elder has trouble driving – a topic some may be particularly sensitive about. Many are reluctant to give up their license, fearing a perceived loss of independence. However, having one of our healthcare professionals provide information about IOA can help in these situations. For instance, we offer transport services that come right to the client’s house, and can even accompany them on errands such as doctor visits and shopping. What was once seen as a loss of independence is often reframed as an efficient and convenient service. And transport isn’t all we offer – take a look below at some of our other benefits.

Support is available through Foster City senior home care

The IOA wants to support your senior in living a self-reliant and comfortable lifestyle at home. To that end, talk to us if you’d like to secure any of the following services (Foster City zip code 94404): senior home care services

We’re here for your questions about Foster City senior home care

The Institute on Aging knows that change can be frightening – for both you and your senior. That’s why we’re here to allay your fears and address your concerns. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.