Gilroy Senior Home Care

An agency that knows safety comes first

As a concerned loved one, you want your senior’s safety and well-being to come first at all times. You know their health and abilities have declined in recent years. Perhaps their eyesight isn’t what it once was, and they have trouble finding their way around even with bright lights on. Or maybe their balance has been affected by a stroke, fall, or a medication they’re taking. Whatever the reason, you’d provide round-the-clock care if you could. But between your own job, children, and busy lifestyle, there simply may not be enough hours in the day. What if something happens to your loved one and they get hurt? You’d do anything to prevent it, but you don’t know where to begin. The IOA, or Institute on Aging, cares about seniors as much as you do, and we want to help. We understand that in a small and somewhat rural town like Gilroy, it’s not always feasible to get assistance from the community. Sometimes, you need dedicated professionals to meet your senior’s needs and keep them safe.

Your loved one’s safety counts

At IOA, we know that safety isn’t just a matter of providing supervision 24/7, although we certainly can provide that. It’s about understanding how your senior’s health concerns impact the way they live in their home, and spotting dangers before they turn into catastrophes. That’s why the IOA has trained specialists who perform home safety evaluations as an initial and routine part of our operations. Every client’s home gets a thorough review before services even start, just to make sure your senior’s environment is sound. This includes things like looking for frayed carpets, exposed wires, and lack of appropriate equipment to meet their health needs. Recommendations may range from fixing little things around the house to a full-on installation of grab bars and tub benches in the bathroom. These are things a person wouldn’t necessarily think of if they weren’t experienced and skilled in senior care, with firsthand knowledge of the particular challenges this population faces every day. And when you can’t be there to secure your loved one’s health and well-being, we are there to provide support. IOA not only works inside the home, but makes sure your senior has access to all the services they need, near or far. With our agency, help is just a phone call away.

Safe and effective senior home care in Gilroy

IOA provides safe and effective senior home care for Gilroy zip code 95020. Please contact IOA if you need services such as: senior home care services

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The truth is, most homebound people need more than just a safety evaluation when it comes to Gilroy senior home care. The Institute on Aging’s client service specialists may recommend different services based on your loved one’s medical history and condition. Contact IOA at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411, and see what services will benefit your senior the most.