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Loneliness and isolation can have a negative effect on anyone. After all, human beings need social interaction to survive and thrive. But the potential consequences of isolation can be particularly concerning for the homebound elderly. Not only are they at risk for mental conditions like depression, but there is the very real possibility they will not receive the provisions and services they need. This may be an all-too-common scenario if your elderly loved one lives in the small community of La Honda, isolated in the mountains off the California coast in San Mateo County. Accessing services would be challenging enough for a mobile and able-bodied adult – one with access to a car, or other means of transportation. But when doctors, specialists, pharmacies, and grocery stores are hard to reach from a remote location, it’s no exaggeration to the say the consequences can be quite dire. However, there is a solution. A caring and skilled home care agency like the Institute on Aging can visit your elderly loved one and make sure they get what they need – no matter where they are.

We go the extra mile for you

No matter the distance, your loved one’s location will not keep the IOA from outstanding service delivery. Our dedicated professionals are willing to travel to your senior and stay with them twenty-four hours a day, if that is the level of care they need. We can evaluate their living situation, nutritional status, and whether they can benefit from services outside the home, such as escorted transportation. And we’re not only there for you and your senior in the present; if necessary, we will help you plan for possible future changes. These may include how to tackle ongoing chronic conditions, transitioning to facility living, or even respite care if you need a break from responsibilities associated with your loved one. To further put your mind at ease, our staff is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. As the employer of record, we handle all scheduling, payroll taxes, state disability, and worker’s compensation insurance. Our home health aides receive a thorough background check upon hiring, as well as ongoing clinical supervision and education.

Senior home care in La Honda that reaches out to you

You can trust that, no matter where in the La Honda zip code of 94020 your loved one is, IOA is committed to delivering the following services: senior home care services

Let our La Honda senior home care come to you

With the Institute on Aging by your side, your loved one is no longer prevented from accessing services simply due to their location. If you’d like to get started on home care for the special senior in your life, talk to our client service specialists. We think you’ll be impressed with the array of services we have to offer, as well as our commitment to the health and well-being of the elderly. Contact us at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411 today.