Loma Mar Senior Home Care

Aging with dignity and grace – at home

There are many different situations that can trigger the need for home care. Sometimes a senior suffers a traumatic event – such as a broken hip or a stroke – and requires more help in recovery than you can provide. Or a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s leaves your elder unable to care for themselves. Despite all of this, your elderly loved one very likely wants to remain in their home as they grow older, as most individuals do. But how can you help them accomplish this when your own responsibilities prevent you from taking care of them? Home care may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Many elderly people fear that accepting home care means they’re less independent than they used to be. However, home care is often a key component of maintaining independence and allowing the senior to “age in place” (i.e. remain in their preferred environment). It also maintains their health, safety, and well-being while making everyday tasks easier on both the senior and their families. It is for these reasons that the Institute on Aging is proud to offer an array of services to further that goal.

Providing the Loma Mar senior home care you need

The types of home care that allow seniors to age in place are as unique as the senior themselves. Some need only minor assistance, such as meal preparation or light housekeeping. However, others require a higher level of service – either to cope with the effects of a sudden health issue, or to manage successfully in the long term. If you’re having trouble deciding which type or amount of home care would suit your senior, IOA is here to help. Our specialists and geriatric care managers are happy to go over your options, or even complete an assessment and present their recommendations if you prefer. Although what you’re going through may appear overwhelming at first, we have helped many seniors and families simplify (and even enjoy) the process.

A variety of Loma Mar home care options

When your senior starts their journey with the IOA, they have a variety of home care options from which to choose. Our services are also available as needed if your loved one requires additional care at any point. We offer the following in the Loma Mar zip code of 94021: senior home care services

Loma Mar senior home care that’s ready whenever you are

Keeping the elderly in their homes as long as they wish is our passion and privilege. If you’re ready to begin discussing a plan for your senior’s home care, the Institute on Aging is standing by to help. Contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411 and they will begin guiding you through the process. We look forward to showing you and your senior everything we have to offer.