Menlo Park Senior Home Care

Keeping your loved one safe – at home

Are you worried about your elderly loved one living at home alone? Do you stress during the day, thinking what might happen if they forget to take their medication or eat at regular intervals? Do you lay awake at night wondering whether they’ve fallen and there’s no one there, or if they’re having a medical emergency in the early morning hours? Perhaps you’ve considered asking an untrained aide, friend, or neighbor to help out, or you have one right now. But deep in your heart, you know something’s missing. Your senior needs and deserves the best professional care possible. And no matter how hard another person works or how much they love your senior, it’s simply not a replacement for specialized skills. Feelings like this are perfectly normal when an elderly relative lives by themselves with little assistance. But there’s no reason for you to keep worrying, or for your senior to go without such assistance any longer. The right home care agency can allay those fears, as well as provide your loved one with the supervision they need – both day and night. That agency is the IOA.

Trust us to meet your senior’s home care needs

The IOA, or Institute on Aging, understands what you’re going through. We know that medication errors are easy to make if you’re not a nurse, and nutritional requirements can go unmet if when a senior’s changing health needs aren’t accounted for. Similarly, not recognizing when a loved one needs additional care and supervision can leave them vulnerable to illness and injury. The IOA responds to concerns like these by deploying experienced, compassionate elder care professionals right to your senior’s home. We provide medication management, nutritional help, and regular comprehensive assessments, if needed. We are there every day, overnight, and even 24/7 if you need us. Every member of our staff is screened, trained, insured, bonded, and given a thorough criminal background check so that your senior gets the most knowledgeable and reliable care possible. Although it can be difficult to invite others into your home for support, we want you to know we won’t let you or your loved one down. With our agency’s wealth of experience regarding today’s elderly and their challenges, we offer peerless service that has improved the lives of people just like your senior.

Senior home care in Menlo Park that protects your loved one

If your loved one lives in the Menlo Park zip code of 94025, we can help safeguard their well-being with: senior home care services

Start securing your loved one’s future today

The Institute on Aging knows that it takes a lot of trust to put your love one in the hands of a home care agency. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.