Millbrae Senior Home Care

Helping seniors feel their best

When an elderly person lives alone, it may be easy to let things slide. Without seeing other people on a regular basis, they may stop dressing in their regular clothes. They may also neglect to brush their hair. Perhaps they even think, “What’s the point of tidying this place? There’s no one but me here anyway.” Dishes can pile up, laundry might go undone, and the home may succumb to a general state of decay. Such behavior can indicate depression, so it’s always best that your senior see a physician if you suspect that to be the case. However, if a serious illness has been ruled out, it may be time to get your senior some visiting help. Maintaining their personal appearance, hygiene, and housework can lead to improvements in other areas of your senior’s life. In fact, just having a companion with them on a regular basis may make your senior more interested in taking care of themselves and not just the way things look. They may start becoming more committed to following a prescribed diet, or more compliant with medication or physical therapy. That’s the power of caring, attentive service – the benefits go on and on. But where you can find someone to provide such service, and at the skilled, knowledgeable level you expect? We recommend you start with the Institute on Aging.

A personal assistant for live-in help

Depending on your senior’s needs, the IOA can help with a range of personal care and grooming tasks, as well as general household chores. Our goal is to keep our clients neat, tidy, and in the most ideal environment possible. Some seniors only need a few hours of help per week to accomplish this goal, while others require around-the-clock care to be at their best. The choice is completely up to you and your loved one. Let’s say your senior needs help starting their day. Our caring aides can help them use the restroom, bathe, shave, brush their teeth and hair, and dress them in their preferred outfit. If your loved one needs even more help than that – say, they’re less mobile or even bedbound – we are happy to provide additional care. Our staff can reposition the senior in ways that prevent skin breakdown, provide sponge baths, and assist with activities that preserve range of motion.

Around-the-clock senior home care in Millbrae is possible

In addition to personal care, we also provide the following to seniors in the Millbrae zip code of 94030: senior home care services

Millbrae senior home care helps keeps seniors independent

The Institute on Aging always advocates that your loved be as independent as possible, and accomplish any task they are able. Oddly enough, the best way to do that is sometimes with a companion who helps or prompts them! Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.