North Fair Oaks Senior Home Care

When your loved one needs help, we’re there

If your elderly loved one starts needing help at home, there are usually signs. Maybe you notice their once-immaculate house grow dusty and cluttered. Maybe your loved one’s clothing is wrinkled, or they stop brushing their hair. You might try and talk to them about this, but they tell you everything’s fine. Yet you can see it’s not fine. You have a feeling your senior needs help taking care of themselves, but is afraid to admit it. And indeed, coming to terms with a decline in function isn’t an easy thing to accept. But the problem isn’t going to get better on its own, so pushing it away won’t solve anything. However, a few hours a week (or more) of home care might. As a close friend or relative of the elder, the responsibility may fall to you to recognize the unspoken cry for help and take action accordingly. Fortunately, the Institute on Aging is ready to step in and support you.

North Fair Oaks senior home care helps your loved one adjust

No matter what home care issues your senior is having trouble with, IOA can very likely provide a solution. For instance, if you notice they’re forgetting to eat regularly, or have difficulty making meals, we can assist with food preparation and feeding. We even have registered dieticians who can craft a custom meal plan for your loved one. Difficulty with walking, balance, and mobility can be addressed on a daily basis with a certified home health aide. For a more long-term approach, the senior may benefit from an assessment by one of our licensed physical therapists. If your loved one is forgetting prescriptions, or is confused about how or when to take them, a licensed nurse can dispense their medication. They can also perform skilled care, such as dressing wounds, giving injections, and much more.

North Fair Oaks home care that helps keep your loved one at home

Many seniors fear that accepting help from an agency is the first step toward nursing home or assisted living placement. However, the opposite is often true: such help can often prevent the need for facility living. If your senior resides in the North Fair Oaks zip code of 94025, they can choose from our full list of home care services: senior home care services

If the signs are there, it’s time for North Fair Oaks senior home care

If all the signs are apparent, it doesn’t pay to put off getting North Fair Oaks senior home care any longer. In fact, doing so can potentially put your loved one at risk. The Institute on Aging wants to get your senior the assistance they need as soon as possible. Contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411, and let’s start taking care of your loved one – together.