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Everyday life is hard – between a full-time job (or more than one), kids, chores, errands, and more, it’s a challenge to make time for yourself, let alone your senior loved one. This can be especially difficult if you live far away from them – or if daily tasks and responsibilities prevent you from providing the type of care you’d like. Sometimes, you may find it more challenging if your loved one lives in Palo Alto – a city where services and stores your senior needs may not be right around the corner. And if they’re no longer capable of driving to these places, then you both can find yourselves in quite a predicament. That’s why we formed the Institute on Aging (IOA). Senior home care in Palo Alto is our specialty. With our help, you needn’t worry about not being able to meet the needs of your loved one each day. We’re there to fill in when you can’t, with all the compassion and diligence you’d expect from a caring family member.

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In addition to having home health aides who can serve your loved one’s personal needs (such as feeding, bathing, and grooming), our experienced staff can escort them to appointments and errands they’d have trouble accomplishing alone. We keep you informed of how things are going every step of the way, so you still have a way of helping and communicating with your special senior. Compared to similar agencies, we offer our staff competitive health benefits – including dental -- in addition to regular wage increases. This isn’t simply a perk that benefits our employees; the reason we put such effort into keeping staff healthy and happy is so our clients can reap the benefits: low turnover rates. No one knows more than we do how turnover rates affect the communities we serve. Not only are clients much more likely to receive consistent care if they have the same home health aides, but it’s advantageous for their emotional well-being too. Knowing they can count on seeing a familiar face every day when family members can’t be with them provides an unrivaled peace of mind – and may even do the same for you.

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With IOA, the following services are available for senior home care in Palo Alto: senior home care services

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We’re sure you have many questions about senior home care in Palo Alto. Contact the Institute on Aging today at at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are happy to help explain more about what we do – and why it might be the solution you and your senior have been waiting for.