Pescadero Senior Home Care

Taking your senior where they need to go

Perhaps nothing symbolizes independence and freedom as the ability to drive a car. When we’re teenagers, it means carefree fun with our friends. As we grow older, it allows us to perform numerous errands, commutes, drop-offs, and pick-ups. This is why one of the saddest days for most seniors is the day they must give up their driver’s license. Unfortunately, surrendering a license is almost inevitable as the effects of aging take their toll. Eyesight, coordination, reflexes, and even memory can make getting behind the wheel dangerous – for both the senior and other drivers and pedestrians. Ironically, seniors often have a greater need for transport than the general population. Doctor’s appointments, pharmacy visits, and other necessities may only be accessible by car. And on the small, somewhat isolated coastal town of Pescadero, not being able to drive to such places can seriously impact a senior’s health and well-being. Most friends and family members of seniors are happy to drive them wherever they need to go, if they are available. But what do you do if you live too far from your loved one to make this possible? Or maybe the senior’s appointments take place from 9 - 5, when you’re working or attending to other responsibilities? With little available in the way of public transportation, and taxi cabs that are sometimes unreliable, you need someone you can depend on to get your senior where they need to go. This is where the Institute on Aging’s escorted transportation can provide a solution.

Getting around has never been easier for your senior

With the IOA’s dependable escorted transportation, getting around has never been easier for your senior. They don’t have to worry about showing up to appointments on time, not being able to carry in all their groceries, or waiting for cabs that never come. Our staff is caring and patient, helping seniors who walk with assistive devices, leaving extra time to get in and out of cars, and transferring them safely from standing to sitting positions. If limited cognitive abilities mean your loved one has trouble communicating with the health professionals they visit, our aides can assist with that as well.

Other Pescadero senior home care services

In addition to escorted transportation, the IOA is ready to serve seniors in the Pescadero zip code of 94060 who have the following needs: senior home care services

Feel free to call us regarding Pescadero senior home care

If you want to get escorted transportation started right away, the Institute on Aging is ready to help. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.