San Carlos Senior Home Care

Care that brings relief and reassurance

If you’ve tried talking to your senior loved one about the help they need at home, the words “nursing home” or “long-term care” may have come up once or twice. And if your senior is like most, their reaction may have been less than positive. As we grow older, it’s harder for us to adapt to changes – especially those concerning our living environment. No wonder the elderly often have a fear of outside placement, and would do almost anything to remain at home. However, that still leaves the issue of whether or not your loved one is safe in their present environment. Two of the biggest reasons the elderly end up in nursing homes are because of fall risk and forgetting to take their medication. But if your senior had a way to deal with these issues without admission to a facility, it is possible they can stay where they are. This is the goal that the Institute on Aging strives for with every single client.

Keeping your senior safe at home

The IOA knows how easy it is for seniors to accidentally fall when there’s no one around to supervise or assist them. They may be dealing with medical conditions or prescriptions that make them dizzy or affect their balance. They may waken in the middle of the night – groggy and disoriented – and try to get up. And when it comes to prescriptions, it’s no surprise why seniors have such a hard time remembering them. They may be on multiple medications that must be taken several times a day, at specific times, and not mixed with other drugs or certain types of food. Add in different colored bottles and pills, and it’s a wonder the right ones get taken at all! The IOA solves these two major problems by offering home health aide services hourly, daily, nightly, and even around-the-clock. They are there to watch over your senior when you are unable. They can also provide medication reminders, although actually dispensing the medication calls for a visiting nurse, which we can also provide. But this isn’t all the IOA can provide for your loved one. The breadth and range of our care goes far beyond that.

Talk to us about nursing home alternatives

Does your loved one live in the San Carlos zip code of 94070? If so, talk to us about services that may delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home. We offer the following: senior home care services

San Carlos senior home care may be the answer

Most seniors want to remain at home during their retirement years, and the Institute on Aging wants to make that possible. Please contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411. Our client service specialists are available to address your questions and concerns, and assist you in deciding on the right course of action to help the special senior in your life.