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There are many things to recommend the city of Santa Clara. If you work in Silicon Valley, are a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, or just enjoy California’s beautiful weather, it can be a wonderful place to live. However, this all assumes that you are in relatively good health, and in most cases, are able to drive. Unfortunately, if you’re a senior in poor physical condition, or living on a fixed income, things can be very different. The supplies and services you need may be quite a distance away, and without the means or ability to access them, it can have serious ramifications for your health and well-being. If you have a senior loved one battling these issues, and are unable to provide care yourself, you need a Santa Clara senior home care agency you can count on. But you can’t risk placing someone precious to you in amateur hands. That’s why the Institute on Aging (IOA) is proud to offer skilled, experienced care in all Santa Clara zip codes. When you work with our team, we make sure to give you and your senior the service and peace of mind you deserve.

Helping your senior face a multitude of challenges

As a proud member of the Home Care Association of America, the IOA works hard to help your senior face a multitude of challenges. Sometimes these challenges start off small, then snowball. Sometimes they are mental instead of – or in addition to – difficulties of a physical nature. Even if your senior says they’re physically fine, forgetting to bathe, eat, and take their medication may have the same result as if they were physically unable to do those things. Have you noticed your loved one becoming more and more forgetful lately? Have they tried to convince you everything is all right, or have you been trying to convince yourself? Unfortunately, ignoring a serious problem like this won’t make it go away. There’s no shame for you or your senior in admitting you need help. In fact, accessing such help for someone you care about is one of the greatest acts of love you can perform.

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If you’d like more information on senior home care in Santa Clara, our client service specialists are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. They are also happy to address which services might be recommended for your senior. Contact the Institute on Aging at 415-750-4111 or 650-424-1411, and start getting help for your loved one today.